Seven Advantages of Becoming A Freelance Developer


#1- Work Remotely From Anywhere

As a Freelance Developer or Digital Nomad, you choose where you want to work, whether it's a coffee shop, a coworking area, or a palm-toped bungalow on a tropical beach. Many surveys have found that people feel more satisfied when they have a variety of workplaces compared to sitting in the same room or office every day. Being a Freelance Developer allows you to travel anywhere when it suits you and work with the same clients regardless of location.


#2- Make Your Own Schedule

Being a Freelance Developer or Digital Nomad allows you to set your own hours and create your own custom schedule. For example, you could start the day at noon and scuba till the evening or hang out and relax in a coffee shop all day. Instead of waking up at 6 a.m to commute to work, you could sleep all day and work all night. Most Digital Nomads rate having more time for leisure as one of the top perks of freelance life, as it often allows for better rest, boosting work productivity. Most importantly, you would never have to worry about a boss or manager frantically calling to schedule you for a double shift. Creating your own schedule allows for both work and play and an overall more balanced life.


#3- Charge What You Want

Another advantage of working as a Freelance Developer or Digital Nomad is setting your own hourly rate and choosing your clients. Front-end React, Vue, and Javascript developers typically charge between $80 USD and $100 USD per hour, nearly 6.6 times the average minimum wage of $15 USD. Unlike a traditional corporate job, you can raise or lower your hourly wage however you deem fit. Having this flexibility at your disposal allows you to increase your hourly wage for more tedious projects and lower them for more straightforward short projects.


#4- Gain Financial Independence

Working for yourself as a Freelance Developer ensures that you always have a job, regardless of the status of the global economy. Instead of being at an employer's discretion, who might deem you an unnecessary employee or reduce your wages, you can directly control your income. The amount of work and effort you put in will directly translate into how much you earn, truly allowing for financial independence. One significant benefit of working for yourself is that you pocket 100% of your earned profit. Not having to rely on a corporation or traditional job allows one to live in countries with a lower cost of living while still maintaining a high quality of life. Living in a lower-cost-of-living country makes it easier to save and invest money in stocks and cryptocurrency, which in return will generate passive income. Using all of these factors to your advantage will allow you to become financially independent quickly after you begin freelance work.


#5- Enjoy A Stress Free Working Environment

One significant benefit of being a Freelance Developer is enjoying a less stressful life. Around 20% of people cite long working hours as the main cause of stress in their lives, negatively affecting their mental health. Everyday traditional corporate psychosocial stressors include high job demands, poor job control, poor work design and structure, and job insecurity. Being a Digital Nomad allows one to take a break whenever they become stressed, explore the world, and experience a sense of freedom.


#6- Learn A High In Demand Skill

As the Internet continues to progress and become more advanced, the demand for Front-end web developers will continue to increase dramatically. Due to many companies and startups moving towards web-based apps, Front-end developers have become an essential part of almost all companies, as a good website or app ensures customer loyalty. In the future, marketing will only grow the need to integrate web design and development into promotional material, as the world increasingly relies more on apps and technology. As a Freelance Developer, this means that there will be more outsourced work from smaller and medium companies for websites and web apps.


#7- Gain A Wider Perspective And Deeper Understanding of The World

Finally, being a Freelance Developer or Digital Nomad will allow you to travel worldwide and learn about new, foreign cultures. Traveling around the world will enable one to see the world from a different perspective and become a more well-rounded person with more general knowledge. Most importantly, traveling allows one to meet new people, get out of their comfort zone, and make many memories. .

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